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1. Randi Anderson is wonderful, and I'm so thankful to be working with her. She's always there and really goes out of her way to respond to messages, accommodate my crazy schedule, and it's clear to see how much she really cares for her clients. I've recommended her to many of my coworkers, friends, and family. (S. W.)

2. Randi Anderson has been thoughtful, strong, kind, and a beacon. She gives me tools to navigate what I'm feeling and experiencing, challenges me when I need it and, gives me grace in moments where it's most important. She's a great therapist, and I am so grateful for her. (M. B.)

3.  ​Ms. Anderson is very detailed in her level of listening and very thoughtful in her response.  She always clarifies the message and gives me tools that I can use when I get the most stressed at work or in other areas of my life. (David Q.)

4.  Considering this is my first experience having a Counselor and not really understanding what to do or how I'm supposed to cope, I'd like to mention how much I appreciate Randi Anderson and the work she's put in for me. I think the most crucial aspect of a Counselor is their ability to listen, understand, and advise, and she goes above and beyond in her role. She doesn't force the conversation, rather leads it by directing your attention to think and talk about subjects and guide your thought process to a natural conclusion. I whole-heartedly recommend Randi Anderson to anyone for the amazing Counselor that she is.  (Bryan C.)

5.  Randi Anderson is professional, kind, and a great listener. I feel very safe talking to her as a Latino, Gay man, and she provides a great sounding board and relevant actionable tools with absolutely no judgment. She encouraged me to reach out to her between sessions on a regular basis and, is very responsive. I work in the legal profession and had incredible difficulty dealing with workplace culture and unrealistic expectations that was making me sick and tired, all of the time. Ms. Anderson has done wonders by offering me tools and worksheets that help me to re-frame. difficult thoughts and building boundaries, self-expression, self-care, creating work and work-life balance, and issues around homophobia I still experience in my life. If you are considering starting therapy, or going back to therapy after a long break, or even breaking ground on something you're ready to work on, I would highly recommend Randi. She has some amazing self-care exercises that I can incorporate in my day to day work time that within a few minutes really works! (Louis G.)

6.  I have been working with Ms. Anderson for over two years soon after I started taking hormones while 1 transition my gender identification. She has been extremely helpful in working through this process both in tangible ways as well as understanding how to help me psychologically and spiritually. I feel really fortunate to have found all of this experience, kindness, and knowledge wrapped up in one person. (A.J.)

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